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Legal Checks

Are you buying a legally clean property?

Delay in possession is one of the most common problem faced by any buyer. Though there can be a number of reasons for the delay, one of the most prominent reason is the issues with the NOCs. NOC is the most crucial document during any transaction.

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Construction Quality

Don't buy cracks & leakages in home !

You invest in your hard earned money into a dream….a dream of buying a home. Since it is one of the biggest & most important decision of your life, shouldn’t you expect to have the “BEST” for you? Of course you must.

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Agreement Checks

Why You'll pay more at time of possession?

Most of the potential buyers sign the Builder/Buyer Agreement, without going through the contract and this is a very common sight in India. A Builder/Buyer (Buyer Seller) Agreement is an important document while transecting to buy a property.

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